Hair Stimulant Men 125 ml


Hair Stimulant MEN contains several active natural ingredients dissolved in almond oil, a classic oil used for hair care. It has a fresh, light, typically male scent of tobacco leaves, herbs and flowers.

Rub it into the hair roots with light circular movements at least 30 minutes prior to washing. To enhance the effect of the oil, you can cover the hair.

The oil mixture must absorb well to nourish the skin and  hair roots.

It is easily washed with the normal amount of shampoo. As the Hair Stimulant MEN contains only natural, easily absorbable ingredients, it can be applied prior to every washing of hair.

The effect of this natural product is due to:

– A form of Vitamin PP with a proven effect; it accelerates several times local blood circulation. Thus, activating the life processes which run naturally within the skin;

– Tobacco absolute, with its rich composition, is amongst the most appropriate ingredients to nourish skin;

– The essential oils of rosemary, sage and lavender make a typical mixture used in aromatherapy to stimulate hair growth;

This complex composition helps the hair be healthy and strong, with good appearance.

Nature has solutions for everything, we only need to let it help us!

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