SlimCell Oil 125 ml


Slim Cell Oil formula for everyday massage, with a combined effect against cellulite and obesity. Soaks in easily and with its fresh citrus-and-herbal fragrance gives enjoyment to our senses. Contains active ingredients of the latest generation with a proven effect:

– Oil extract of the Brazilian “pink pepper”, which is 8 (eight) times more effective than caffeine in reducing fats,

     – Highly absorbable form of Vitamin РР, which enhances several times the microcirculation of skin and subcutaneous tissue. Thus, metabolism and discharge of excess water accelerate,

– Natural essential oils of cypress, rosemary, lemon grass, mandarin and grapefruit, a typical formula used to successfully fight cellulite.

The harmonious mixture of three vegetable oils: almond, of grape seed, and safflower, enables light massaging and supplies the skin with essential fatty acids.

All processes in the body are reversible, including those which cause retention of excess water in the cells, as well as accumulation of fats. SLIMCELLTM is a new product, a combination of classic and high tech biologically active ingredients, with a proven effect against cellulite and excess fats.

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