Do you want to have an amazing tan after the ordinary sunny vacation?

Are you still thinking that it’s impossible? Don’t forget about coconut and shea butter. They will help you to achieve your dream a golden brown tan.
They are better than simple suntan spray or lotion. Shea and coconut butter produce a thin protective layer on the skin. It gets absorbed rapidly without nasty stains on clothes or leaving grease. Ikarov’s coconut oil is instantly absorbed by the skin and makes it feel like ‘velvet’. So it will protect you and provide a pleasant feeling of dryness and lightness.

So you can easily swim in the ocean or take a shower and don’t care about anything.
Their structure is 100% natural. Try Ikarov’s shea butter which is extracted from the fruit of an African tree and has natural UV up to 4. Shea and coconut oils start melting at a temperature below 250 degrees. It means that it doesn’t only moisturize but also delivers special anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing components to protect our body from ultraviolet.

They give a perfect smoothing to your skin. Do you remember this feeling of skin tightness after sunbathing? This is why it’s essential to prevent drying your skin in summer. The oils aid in the skin’s natural collagen production which is very important for women above and over 30. It’s one step to prevent you from skin cancer.

The cosmetologists declare that coconut and shea butter will help you to reduce wrinkle reduction. This is the main key to women who are suffering from these “sunny kisses”. Use it at least 3 times per week to see a result after one month.
It is a good idea to mix coconut and shea butter. They are the versatile natural beauty components and together smell divine. You can easily add them into your creams to make daily masks or massage after taking a shower.
They are great for children and babies too. Just don’t forget to check ingredients. The natural butter should be raw, organic and unbleached. We recommend the Ikarov’s coconut and shea oils which are 100% organic and row. They are perfect aids for your medical sunburn healing preparations.