Ikarov Natural sense of timeless beauty

The IKAROV brand is a family-owned company that for 30 years has been developing high-quality and natural products based on pure vegetable oils. In the 90s, people still knew little about the variety of natural oils. It was our company that began to develop the Bulgarian market and began to develop vegetable and essential oils of roses, avocados, jojoba, and many others.


It is interesting that the founder of the company, Ivaylo, is still taking part in the development of formulas. Experience and sincere commitment to cleanliness and care for the body, allowed company specialists to create products not only for professional use but also for home care. All oils are thoroughly tested and suitable even for children.

Ikarov Natural sense of timeless beauty

Already in 2002, the company was able to certify a quality system based on ISO 9001. In addition, all the products meet the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) quality criterion.


The company received many awards, including in 2002 the association “Made in Bulgaria” presented Ikarov with the Silver Lion prize. And 10 years later, the Ikarov brand was recognized as one of the leading and leading companies producing natural beauty products.

It is worth adding that all products from the Ikarov Botanical sind 2020 line have received one of the best NATRUE quality certificates. It makes the highest demands on product quality and shows a high level of manufacturability of cosmetic products.

The brand’s mission is to create natural products, introducing quality technology and many years of experience of specialists. The company’s experts are true professionals in the manufacture and development of mixtures of pure vegetable and essential oils. Thanks to their skill, the Ikarov brand creates the best formulas that show high efficiency in practice. That is why self-care with Ikarov brings visible results!

The Ikarov is not going to stop there and strive for excellence. New knowledge, practical skills help to create additional value of products based on pure and vegetable oils.


The IKAROV brand is a quality, affordable care, recognized as one of the best in the world. Experts pleased to create a useful product that helps people feel healthy, beautiful, and energetic.