Face oil serum 30 ml

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Fine oil for face, neck and neckline, with the unique aroma of the Bulgarian Rose Oil and Rose Absolute!  The rich complex of high tech active ingredients, with a proven effect, is a real elixir for the skin.

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     – The oil extract of mastic is a product used for health and beauty for centuries; it now provides its most valuable ingredients to keep your skin young. It activates the synthesis of both “proteins of youth” since their synthesis by our body declines after the 30th year of age.

     – Highly absorbable form of Vitamin PP, which enhances the microcirculation, thus accelerating life processes.

– Natural silicone from Himalayan bamboo, it creates a protective film and improves moisture retention of the skin;

– The most valuable part of the olive oil supplies the skin with phytosterols and rare biologically-active ingredients.

A harmonious mixture of vegetable oils: argan, horseradish tree, jojoba, macadamia and safflower, supplies the skin with an indispensable complex of fatty acids.

This rich composition improves elasticity, softness and durable moisture. The skin looks fresh and vibrant and
so pays back for the taken care!



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