Oil against obesity 125 ml


  • Sculpting massage body oil against surplus weight.
  • Contains a powerful combination of vegetable and essential oils.
  • Helps the body to expel excess body water and fat deposits.
  • Penetrates deep into the skin and stimulates circulation.
  • 0% parabens, dyes, artificial fragrances and petroleum derivatives.

Massage oil against surplus weight – it is a combined formula against cellulite and surplus weight. It is good to be used in cases of local accumulation of fats especially the tummy area.

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Massage oil against surplus weight  is another means in the fight against surplus weight. Its effect is based on the essential oils it contains. An Indian herb gives the patchouli oil. It is a preferred means in the fight with fattening. It stimulates your organism to eliminate the excess fats.

The rest of the oils: lavender, lemon and juniperberry are a typical anti-cellulite formula and help the fatty cells to ‘get rid of’ the leftover water. Added to the massage they facilitate the blood and lymph circulation and toxins removal. These essential oils are dissolved in a base mixture of sesame and safflower (oleic type) oils. They penetrate deeply, warm up and take active part in the lipid metabolism.

A massage with a massage oil gives relaxation to your body, it soothes the nervous system and actively helps you to eliminate the results from the stress undergone. The essential oils have their effect on your organism in another way too. They alleviate muscle and joint pains, stiffening and old traumas. It is possible that your blood pressure could be slightly reduced. Regular massaging helps you achieve better looks of your skin – it becomes more tight, smooth and supple.




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