Nail strengthening oil 10 ml


Apply strengthening nail oil to the nails and the cuticles by a brush. Then massage the area around the nails until the oil penetrates into the skin. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then you can wipe it off. It brings no harm so washing is not necessary. If you are going to apply lacquer, carefully wipe the nails to shine by a cotton cloth or towel. If there is lacquer on the nails, it is quite enough to apply the oil to the cuticles and rub it well. The massage restores and improves the circulation around the nails, thus nourishing the cells responsible for the new nail building. We recommend to use it 2-3 times daily or at least 2-3 times a week. The first good results are visible soon enough.

The whole nail is regenerated within 6 months.

Beautiful nails are aesthetic decoration as well as an expression of internal health!

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Nail strengthening oil reduces nail breaking, improves the appearance and strength of the nails. Used every day, the oil shows visible results. Strenghtening nail oil softens the cuticles thus helping their easy treatment.

Nail strengthening oil is a product with efficient action and fragrance. It’s a mixture of almond oil with five essential oils; rosemary oil stimulates growth; eucalyptus oil, together with almond oil, maintain the normal moisture and vitalize the cells. The three citrus oils – lemon, grapefruit and citronella are a classical combination for maintaining the nails themselves.

All citrus oils, however, are sensitive to UV rays, therefore nails mustn’t be exposed to the sun or ‘false sun’. For fixing and preventing against oxidation, a mixture of natural antioxidants – extracts of rosemary, lecithin, vitamins E, C is added. They have a beneficial effect on the nails.

Nail strengthening oil is the external aid. It spreads the fragrance of a citrus garden as applied to the nails by nail brush. The daily use of the oil gives fast and visible results. It softens the cuticles and enables their being pushed inwards or being cleaned more easily and facilitates quicker nail growth. If there is lacquer on the nails, apply the oil to the cuticles and the area around the nails and rub it by gentle massaging. Nail strengthening oil improves not only their health and looks but raises your spirits too!




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