Cocoa butter 60 ml


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Cocoa butter is extracted from cocoa beans and is naturally solid at temperatures below 35 ° C.It is one of the most stable and solid fats known, with smooth texture and alluring aroma.Its colour varies from “ivory” to light brown. It contains a large amount of saturated fats and natural antioxidants, as the cocoa beans are rich in polyphenols and flavonoids.

Cocoa butter is fully compatible with human skin, so it is adopted very easily by all skin types at all ages. It is used in the simplest way: a piece of butter is rubbed directly into the skin, where it melts and is absorbed without oiling it.

Cocoa butter is great for protection of the exposed parts of the body in winter, it is useful against any aggressive environmental impacts – from  strong wind to polluted urban air.The more sensitive your skin is, the better you will appreciate the wonderful properties of this oil or products containing it.

This butter helps getting healthy and even tan in the sun.It increases the resistance of the skin against sunburn and is compatible with all sun protection products. Itsoothes and hydrates the redness from sunburn.

Cocoa butter is particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin – it hydrates deeply and makes the skin smooth and soft, restoring its natural brilliance.

Cocoa butter massages are great for toningthe skinandrelaxing the muscles.Its aroma has a soft but steady effect to improve mood and activates the body to produce “hormones of happiness”.



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