How our nature is rich with wholesome and natural products! But the modern world dictates us completely different rules. Think about what we eat, what ecology surrounds us and what cosmetics we use every day? In 80% of cases, food is devoid of vitamins and minerals, we breathe the polluted air of big cities. And in the composition of skincare products and decorative cosmetics, you can find a lot of harmful substances.

Silicates, parabens, synthetic components and fragrances make our skin poor and deprive it of natural substances for full moisturizing. As a result, we have problem skin that does not receive natural nutrition. There is a solution to all problems. These are natural aromatic oils.

How I met with the oils Ikarov

The last few years I have been fond of aromatherapy. This is the most pleasant way to improve your health and make your mood better, having a small bottle of fragrant oil on hand. Imbued with this kind of healing art, I was very interested in other properties of oils. After all, they are like nothing else very useful for the skin.

A long time ago I turned my attention to the oils from the brand Ikarov. This Bulgarian company has been producing cosmetic and aromatic oils since 1991. Ikarov is one of the pioneers of natural cosmetics. Products are registered in the EU Commission’s CPNP database with lists of all ingredients. Now the brand has ISO certification level and is in the process of obtaining a higher level of GMP. This means that in the production technology and product quality the company complies with high requirements. By the way, very soon we will see this level of certification on every Ikarov product.

Only 3 years ago I was able to get acquainted with the cosmetic oils of this brand on personal experience. And you know what? I made sure that these are very high-quality oils. I regretted not having tried Ikarov’s cosmetic oils much earlier.

The brand has a wide range of 13 oils: oils for the face and the whole body, as well as useful massage oils. They are light and not greasy, quickly absorbed by the skin when applied. By the way, oils can be used as some independent products for washing or moisturizing the skin, as well as adding them to face masks. For example, apricot oil will perfectly complement any face or body cream. It will create additional nutrition for the skin.

With the beginning of the use of Ikarov oils, my skin has changed a lot! She has become healthier, tender and supple. And this is not casual. After all, natural oils with herbal ingredients transform the skin from the inside.

The healing power of natural cosmetic oils

Man discovered the healing properties of oils in ancient times. Oils were extracted from fruits and plants: from nuts, grains, and others. Initially, oils were not subjected to strong processing and they were used as a product for healing wounds and for treating diseases. Then, natural oils with a pleasant aroma began to be used as a cosmetic for the face and body. The skin became smooth, healthy and acquired a velvety tone from the first moment of applying the oil.

Now cosmetology has gone far ahead. But this is not a reason to add artificial components to the composition of products. There are only herbal ingredients in cosmetic oils Ikarov. The oils are made from natural ingredients with the addition of plant extracts. It makes oils soft, pleasant for all skin types.

Besides, cosmetic oil can become both a major skincare product, but also an excellent supplement.

How do aromatic oils transform your skin?

  • Cosmetic oils contain components that are similar in structure to the skin fat. Therefore, this product is natural and ideal for the care of dry, oily and normal skin.
  • Due to the healing properties of natural extracts of plants and fruits, the oil prevents premature aging of the skin and loss of moisture. This means that when using oils for face and body, you will get elastic, moisturized skin.
  • Oils are natural sources of vitamins A, E, B vitamins and essential fatty acids. Very often, we do not get these nutrients from food, thereby depriving our skin of food. The oils compensate for the lack of vitamins and minerals and saturate the skin.
  • Cosmetic oils, such as shea and carriage, have anti-inflammatory and sunscreen properties. Therefore, they can be safely applied to the lips, face and body parts that most often burn in the sun.

You will be interested to get acquainted with the rich world of fragrant cosmetic oils. Daily skincare with Ikarov cosmetic oils is a good habit. Add oils to the cream and masks or use them as a separate product. In any case, your skin will thank you!