Streches Body Oil 125 ml


This oil is designed for everyday massage against stretches. Unpleasant stretch marks remain not only after pregnancy, but also in sudden weight gain, in rapid growth, as well as during accumulation of muscle mass. It helps to improve the elasticity and long-term moisture of the skin. This is due to the complex base mixture of oils: macadamia, almond, safflower, and cocoa nut. They provide a full range of fatty ingredients necessary for the skin to stretch without affecting its integrity.

The body stretches oil also contains absolute of rose and calendula and essential oil of geranium dissolved in the most valuable part of olive oil.  This affluent complex helps the skin to face new challenges and remain smooth and fresh. The authentic fragrance of the Bulgarian Rose makes the massage a pleasant ritual.

Nature has solutions for everything, we only need to let it help us!

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