Moringa Complex Oil 30 ml


This Moringa complex oil is a blend of Moringa, jojoba, macadamia and safflower. These high quality oils give their most useful advantages to provide perfect care for the face, neck and low neck.

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All parts of the Indian moringa tree have been used for therapy for thousands of years Moringa oil has a unique composition of stable fatty acids that are very well accepted by the skin.

Jojoba is the finest and quickly absorbed oil, it is in fact liquid wax. Macadamia is a light oil suitable for all skin types.  Safflower oil contains a rare form of Vitamin F and has the highest moisture retention capacity. This rich and quickly absorbed blend nourishes the skin with a palette of valuable ingredients.  Moringa complex oil has a slight scent of neroli, which is the essential oil of orange flowers.

For everyone who wants to provide their skin with a clean natural care!



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