Fast Action Local Care 10 + 40 ml


Emergency SET for prones 

Two-part skincare set specially designed to treat oily blemish-prone skin. Effectively dries out problem areas at once balancing skin’s natural defense mechanisms. Synergetic action of two preparations guarantees immediate and reliable treatment results.


10 + 40 ml

Day-Gél: (small dark bottle)

Apply locally to the inflamed areas. Within several seconds transparent antiseptic gel dries down to an invisible film that protects the skin from infection all day long. Also suitable for small wounds and care of new tatoos.

Active ingredients:
Patented complex Sepicontrol®, cinnamon, mimosa and witch hazel extracts, glycolic and salicylic acids, clary and myrrh oils, chitosan.

Night solution: (light larger bottle)

Absorbing suspension

Shake up and apply a thin layer locally on pimple affected areas leaving it overnight. Natural adsorbing suspension with the Dead Sea salts, essential oils and herbal extracts reduces inflammation and excessive oiliness, constricts large pore size and stimulates immune functions.

Active ingredients:
Lavender, clary and thyme oils, coneflower and witch hazel extracts, Dead Sea salts, allantoin.

The Local Care set is part of the Fast Action series, specially designed for oily problem skin. All products in the series are produces with the purpose of reestablish its natural balance of the skin to help it solve the problems by itself.

Magirays natural skincare is not medicin. Most people will feel noticeable improvements. Oily skin and prones are however complicated and often has relation to lack of balance in other parts in the body caused by stress, food, hormonal changes etc.

The Local Care set is ment to remove single prones. The set is not ment as a broader treatment of larger acne conditions. By serious Acne Vulgaris skincare may not be enough. In this case it is recommended to consult a medical dermatologist.



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