Body oil Rose 125 ml


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Body oil Rose assists the healing art of massage. It increases and intensifies the massaging effect all over the human organism. It helps hands slide smoothly and lightly and the oil aroma brings relaxation and a feeling of happiness. Body oil Rose helps overcome fatigue, feeling of anxiety as a consequence of stress; the body feels its integrity as well as the joy of motions.

It enhances the muscle tonus, alleviates muscle and joint pains, nourishes and protects skin; stimulates subcutaneous tissue functions, facilitates metabolism and the elimination of wastes. In cases of being bedridden for a long time, the daily massage prevents against wounds.

It restores the strength of body and spirit in cases:

  • of specific labour when not all parts of the body are equally loaded;
  • when one stands for a long time fatigue accumulates in the legs, pains, or one’s legs swell or feel hot;
  • when after physical labour, sports activities or simply accumulated fatigue, we spare a little time for ourselves;
  • when we feel stiff after a long driving or working in a draughty place;
  • in all other cases when we just decide to help ourselves;

These effects of Body oil Rose are determined as a result of tests going on for many years and are due to its composition.
Body oil Rose is a complex of four essential oils: rose, geranium, juniper berry and eucalyptus, all of them dissolved in pure plant oil of grape seeds – very appropriate and valuable oil.

Rose oil has strong antidepressant and soothing effect. It, together with geranium oil, help remove tension, depression, the feeling of anxiety and fear, they alleviate pain and stimulate metabolism.

Juniper berry helps body free itself of wastes, alleviates muscle and rheumatic pains, stimulates blood and lymph circulation.

Eucalyptus oil likewise, alleviates pain and has stimulating effect on the nervous system. Its combination with juniper berry oil gives a strong antiseptic effect.



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